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Kennedi Coughlin

Kennedi Coughlin

Cody Coughlin may be known for his passion for racing, but his little sister, Kennedi has a different drive within her. While she shares that same competitive spirit, she channels it into other aspects of her life.

Kennedi enjoys school and was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society for her academic achievements. She enjoys all of the aspects of High School and readily participates in many different activities.

Outside of the academic world, Kennedi has a passion for cheerleading. She eagerly cheered her JV basketball team to many victories during the 2015/2016 season. She also loves the theater and choir; in fact, she will be participating in the upcoming spring musical.

Faith is the most important aspect of Kennedi’s life. She knows the Lord has blessed her with every talent she has been given. She reflects that Faith in all that she does.

While faith is at the top of her importance, so is her family.  The Coughlins enjoy traveling across the country, whether it is for fun, vacationing or watching her brother race.  In fact, Kennedi regularly attends Cody’s races, making her his biggest cheerleader.

Kennedi has a flare for being light-hearted and personable.  Just hang around her for five minutes and you will leave with a smile on your face.