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Kennedi Coughlin

Kennedi Coughlin

Kennedi Coughlin is a determined young lady.  The young woman can light up a room with her effervescent personality and that same charisma is infectious for those she is around.


The younger of John and Di’s children, Kennedi is a cheerleader at heart and in spirit.  For several years she has lead her cheerleading squads, a passion that was handed down from her mother.  She currently cheers on the varsity squad at her high school.  


And while cheerleading her team or family is close to her heart, she also has a determined vigilance for her education.  Kennedi was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society for her academic achievements, while also being part of her school’s performing arts program.


Her Faith is what drives her the most.  Kennedi is passionate, as is her family, about being a Christian first and foremost.  


That belief has shaped her to be a loyal friend and family member.  She is always the first in line to cheer her brother, Cody, as he ascends the ladder of NASCAR racing, all the while enjoying her home life with her friends and activities.  She also takes delight in caring for her animals, including four dogs.


Kennedi Coughlin is the perfect balance of a glowing personality, the wit of a person twice her age and a sheer determination to pave her own path in this world.