DELAWARE, OH. (Oct 4) – Team JEGS chef Nicky Morse got a huge boost in the lead-up to his new reality-style TV show — The Racing Chef — with some big-time exposure at the crossroads of the world, Times Square in New York City. Snippets of The Racing Chef were repeatedly shown on one of the giant high-definition televisions that have made the area so famous, along with information about the show and the pilot times and dates of its premiere.

The most accomplished chef in motorsports will bring his unique and rollicking blend of culinary and hot-rodding experiences to the small screen when FSN Ohio debuts The Racing Chef at 10 p.m. ET on Oct. 8. The show follows the exploits of Chef Nicky as he crisscrosses the country on the NHRA Drag Racing Series, chasing down exotic ingredients and cooking up world-class cuisine for the Coughlin family and members of the Team JEGS racing crew.

“As anyone that has ever met Chef Nicky knows, he’s definitely one-of-a-kind,” said Scott Woodruff, director of media and motorsports marketing for JEGS. “Because of his unique position with our race team, Nicky’s become quite a celebrity in the racing markets we visit. He takes the sport of drag racing to audiences we may not normally reach and because of his captivating personality and humor, he attracts new fans wherever we go. Our hope is that this TV show will expand the fan base even further. It’s not only funny, it’s interesting too, and I think it will appeal to men and women alike.”

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