BRADENTON, Fla. (April 8) Troy Coughlin doesn’t have the quickest car at
Bradenton Motorsports Park, but it could easily be argued that he has the most
consistent ride, and in drag racing consistency usual equals big-time success.

Coughlin has qualified his JEG’S Mail Order Chevrolet Cavalier fourth in the
16-car elimination field of the Denso Spark Plugs Pro Street category, the
quickest and fastest class competing at this weekend’s Detroit Locker NMCA Hot
Rod and Muscle Car Nationals. This event is the first of seven on the National
Muscle car Association Edelbrock series.

The Jeg’s crew has delivered a perfect car to Coughlin. He opened qualifying
with a steady 6.667-second pass at 209.05 mph. The veteran driver then managed
to improve his elapsed time in each of the subsequent sessions, moving to a
6.634 at 209.69 mph in Round 2, and a 6.625 at 209.79 mph in Round 3.

“The car is working so well,” Coughlin said. “I really feel like we have a great
chance to win this race. We went straight down the track every pass and when you
look at the qualifying runs of the other cars they are all over the place with
their elapsed times. We’re by far the most consistent and we really looked
strong in the heat of the day so I’m excited.”

Temperatures at the south Tampa Bay facility have reached into the 90s and
humidity readings are peaking at 70 percent.

“The hotter and slicker out there, the better it is for us,” Coughlin said.
“This class has all kinds of cars and configurations including ones with
superchargers and nitrous so there are cars that make more power then us. But
all the power in the world won’t help you if you can’t get it down on the

As a special treat to viewers tuning in to the television coverage of this event
on ESPN2, Coughlin will be carrying a special in-car camera to bring the action
right to the many fans of JEG’S Mail Order Racing.

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