INDIANAPOLIS (April 28) — Sportsman driver Troy Coughlin Jr. admits he was hoping for a better start to his Division 3 campaign than the pair of early losses he suffered over the weekend in Indianapolis, so the multi-time national winner already has his eye on the future.

"For whatever reason my heart and mind weren't in the right spot this weekend," Coughlin said. "But any race provides good seat time, so we'll just take this weekend as a good learning experience and keep our heads up."

Coughlin plans to have much better outings in his next two events.

"The cars are running well and the guys have done an awesome job with keeping everything in top shape," Coughlin said. "I am ready to get back out there and keep going. I love this sport, and when you have the opportunities I have had, you have to be ready to take advantage of the situation."

The crew will now prep their man for the JEGS Super Quick race in Indianapolis and a PDRA event where Coughlin will try his luck in the Top Dragster class. At the PDRA race, which will take place in Valdosta, Ga., Coughlin will race alongside his two-time world champion father Troy Coughlin Sr., who currently competes in NHRA's Pro Mod class.

"The JEGS Super Quick race will be fun, and I am excited to try this new series out," Troy Jr. said. "It's always nice to go racing with Dad, and Valdosta is a great track so it should be a cool event. Dad already raced in one PDRA event and he said they did a great job. I'm excited."

The JEGS Super Quick race begins with timed runs at 9 a.m., Saturday. 


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