Racers from NHRA’s Northwest Division gave new Division Director Jonathan Adams a housewarming party by winning the team title at the 22nd annual Jeg’s Allstars competition, held in conjunction with the Ameriquest Mortgage NHRA Nationals at Route 66 Raceway outside of Chicago.

Led by Dave Barcelon’s upset win in Comp and runner-ups by Steve Federlin (Alcohol Dragster), Joe Sorenson (Stock), Stefan Kondolay (Super Gas), and Dudley Gee (Super Street), Division 6 claimed the team title with 1,200 points, 200 ahead of the five-time team champions from Division 3. The championship is just the second for Division 6, having scored its first win in the 1988 Allstars competition.

Barcelon, owner of Truck Town in Bremerton, Wash., trucked through the star-studded Comp field in his F/A ’02 Cavalier with victories over Michael Johnson and David Eaton, then eked out a win by just .004-second in the final against Frank Aragona Jr.’s G/EA roadster, (-.52) 8.11 to (-.59) 8.49, thanks to a clutch .003 reaction time to Aragona’s .078 leave.

Although Sorenson in the Stock final and Kondolay in the Super Gas final fell to Division 2 racers Rod Johnson and Steve Cohen, respectively, and Gee red-lighted to Division’s 1 Eric Reiff, their damage had already been done. Kondolay lost despite a .004 light after Cohen parried his light with a .013 and a near-perfect 9.902 to Kondolay’s 9.927.

Veteran Gene Snow accounted for all of Division 4’s 300 points with his first Allstars win in Alcohol Dragster, which he capped with a 5.36 to 5.53 romp over Federlin.

Division 7 notched a pair of wins, with Kevin Smith besting Division 2’s Mike Crutchfield in the Super Stock final and Shawn Langdon besting recent Reading national event winner Ron Erks in the Super Comp showdown, 8.903 to 8.922.

Frank Manzo scored his sixth Allstars win in Top Alcohol Funny Car as the Division 1 stalwart bested Division 3’ Danny Townsend, 5.66 to 5.67.

Final team points
Division 6: 1,200 points
Division 3: 1,000 points
Division 1: 900 points
Division 2: 900 points
Division 7: 700 points
Division 4: 300 points
Division 5: 300 points

Alcohol Dragster
(W) Gene Snow: 5.369, 257.38
L) Steve Federlin: 5.536, 258.71

Alcohol Funny Car
(W) Frank Manzo: 5.667 257.38
(L) Danny Townsend: 5.673 253.56

(W) Dave Barcelon: 8.114 (-0.526)
(L) Frank Aragona Jr.: 8.493 (-0.597)

Super Stock
(W) Kevin Smith: 9.890 (.9.87)
(L) Mike Crutchfield: 9.106 (9.07)

(W) Rod Johnson: 12.131 (12.11)
(L) Joe Sorensen: 10.632 (10.63)

Super Comp
(W) Shawn Langdon: 8.903
(L) Ron Erks: 8.922

Super Gas
(W) Steve Cohen: 9.902
(L) Stefan Kondolay: 9.917

Super Street
(W) Eric Reiff: 10.943
(L) Dudley Gee: 10.921 (foul)


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