DELAWARE, OH (Aug 16): Grime Boss hand wipes is expanding its team presence in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) landscape, and adding a driver in the Champion Racing Association (CRA) oval track program through its announcement of sponsorship with Team JEGS. NHRA drivers Jeg Coughlin Jr., Troy Coughlin, Mike Coughlin, Troy Coughlin Jr., and CRA driver, Cody Coughlin, will all be sporting the Grime Boss logo on their race cars the next time out on the track. In addition, Grime Boss hand wipes will now be available for purchase through

The Grime Boss expansion to include Team JEGS in its NHRA portfolio is an extension of the program that started with Jim Dunn Racing and the Grime Boss Funny Car.

Jeg Coughlin Jr., driver of the JEGS/Mopar Dodge Avenger is very excited about the new sponsor addition to their team. “It’s always fun to meet new sponsors interested in your race team. Some we meet at our facility in Delaware, OH, some we meet at their offices, but the one’s that I know really want to be a part of racing, are the people that take the time to come out to the track and see our team in action, and understand the audience which are our fans and customers” Jeg said. “I was fortunate to spend some time with the owner of Grime Boss, and his wife, as well as the company president at the most recent NHRA national event in Seattle. They are as excited about expanding their team presence to include our race cars, as well as all of the Sportsman programs Team JEGS supports.”

Grime Boss hand wipes have a great application for NHRA racers, fans, and automotive enthusiasts at the race track, at home, or in the shop during the week. The durable hand wipes are designed to remove oil, grease, adhesive, dirt, and latex paint without the need for a sink or running water. Since many race teams go to the track with limited or not on-board water, a product like Grime Boss helps racers, campers, and crew members stay clean throughout the event weekend.

“The drivers and crew members of Team JEGS are very impressed with the Grime Boss product. We have been using it in our pit area for several races now, and recommend it to other racers. We are excited to start selling it through immediately” Jeg added.



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