Date of birth: June 23, 1970

Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio

Hometown: Delaware, Ohio

Family: wife, Karen, and son, Jeggie III

Years in the sport: entire life, actively driving 19 years

Nickname: Junior, JC, Jeggie

Career highlight: Sharing the winner’s circle with my brother, Mike in Memphis, 2000 and sewing up the Winston Pro Stock championship the same day

Occupation: JEG’S Mail Order and JEG’S Racing

Hobbies: bracket racing, bowling, bicycling and golfing

I got my start in racing… when I was a kid helping on my Dad’s race cars

What I love most about racing… is the excitement of turning on the win light knowing all the effort that is put both physically and mentally in to each run

Most embarrassing moment at the races… in Atlanta 2002 when I got timed out by the auto-start system

Toughest thing about drag racing is… the hours and hours of preparation that go into each short ride

The best race car I ever had… is our Jegster-built ’27-T roadster that I drove to the 1992 NHRA Super Gas championship (I still have it)

My toughest loss… They’re all tough

Favorite opponent: Warren Johnson

Last person I’d want to race in a final… I’ll race anyone in a final

The race I’ll never forget is… the 2003 Moroso 5-Day Bracket Championship

Person I most admire in racing: My father, Jeg. He has the ability to make anything more efficient

If I wasn’t a drag racer, I would… Sorry, I just can’t picture this one

I knew I’d made it when… I was testing my Comp car at Rockingham in 1997 and Roy Hill said, “Who in the hell is driving that race car”

Lifelong heroes: Pop (Jeg Sr.), PawPaw (my grandfather), Bob Glidden

I’m really good at… Staying focused

Favorite movie: Caddyshack, Old School

Favorite entertainer: George Strait

Favorite actor: Chevy Chase; lately Will Farrell

Favorite CD: Anything by George Strait

Favorite TV shows: Hawaii Five-O and ESPN Classics

Favorite website:

Favorite foods: pasta and pizza

Favorite sports team: Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Pet peeves: being unorganized

Personal car(s): Audi A8 and Jeep Rubicon

Biggest regret: none

Nobody knows I… I have no secrets. I think Woody (team manager Scott Woodruff) tells everything

I’d give anything to meet… George Straight

Modern convenience I can’t live without: windows based cell phone and laptop computer

I’m better than anyone at… trying to make something perfect

I hope I never have to… not be involved in racing

I’ve never been able to… say no

Smartest thing I’ve ever done… marry my wife, Karen in 1996

Dumbest thing I’ve ever done… poke my golf club in a hole full of bees

Best time of my life… honeymoon in Hawaii

Worst time of my life… when my wife called and said Jeggie, then three, split his big toe open

Best advice I’ve ever received… “It’s all in the six inches” (My grandfather PawPaw referring to the power of the mind) and my Dad suggesting that your ET slip will tell the whole story

Worst advice I’ve ever received… “Go ahead and stick your club in there and see what happens” (a golfing buddy at age 8)

Advice to aspiring racers: stay focused; eliminate as many distractions as possible. Work hard to make your car consistent and learn from your ET slip

Future racing goals: Contend for more POWERade/Lucas Oil Series championships and make racing an opportunity for Jeggie III

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