What: The kick-off of “JEG’S Week” in Delaware, OH.

Who: Windell Wheeler, Mayor City of Delaware
The Coughlin Family
Lee Yoakum, Community Affairs
Gus Comstock, Business Development

Where: The lawn of The Brown Jug in the city of Delaware
The Brown Jug
13 West Williams Street
Delaware, OH 43105

When: Lawn display begins at 11:00 a.m.
Mayor reads proclamation 12-noon
Mike Coughlin does honorary burnout in a JEG’S race car

Media Contact:

Scott ‘Woody’ Woodruff
Director of Media & Motorsports
Office: 800.345.4545 (3.412)
Mobile: 614.595.1820
Email: jegspr@aol.com


Media Note: Additional information is available at the following locations:
Facebook - JEGS Performance
Twitter - TeamJEGS
Twitter - JEGS Performance