HEBRON, Ohio (May 12) — Reigning track champion Makenna Brown gained 500 new fans Friday when she entertained the student body of Jackson Intermediate School at her home facility of National Trail Raceway.

The 12-year-old Brown spoke to her peers about achieving their academic goals by studying hard so they too could live their dreams. She then fired up her JEGS.com Junior Dragster 2 and completed a full pass down National Trail, eliciting a roar from the crowd, most of whom didn’t know that competitors in the NHRA’s Junior Dragster category range from age 8-17.

“I love drag racing and I especially love when I can show our sport to people that have never seen it before,” Brown said. “I think everyone  really liked hearing about my dragster and what it takes to race. Towards the end of the day, one of the teachers asked if anyone would like to drag race a car like mine and everyone raised their hand.

“There were a lot of kids there so we talked to them in groups. I heard plenty of great questions and tried my best to answer them all. Then everyone went up in the stands and I made a pass. That was the best part of the day.”

Jackson Intermediate School’s field trip was for students in grades 3-5. The school is part of the Lakewood Local School District.



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