Date of birth: January 20, 1963

Place of birth: Columbus, Ohio

Hometown: Delaware, Ohio

Family: Diana (wife), Cody (son) & Kennedi (daughter)

Years in the sport: 21


Career highlight…Winning my first national event (1992 Pomona, Super Gas) and two Division 3 championships.

Occupation… VP/Jeg’s Mail Order

Hobbies…golf and spending time with my family.

I got my start in racing…driving a Super Comp dragster in 1983

What I love most about racing…the competition and the thrill of winning

Most embarrassing moment at the races…getting caught warming up my dragster with no jack stands and running into a stocker while driving my dad’s pickup truck in 1975. (I was 12 years old).

Toughest thing about drag racing…getting to the winner’s circle

The best race car I ever had…is one that could win rounds

My toughest loss…all of them are tough

Favorite opponent…all of my friends

Last person I’d want to race in a final…Jeggie

The race I’ll never forget is…losing in the fifth round in Pomona in 199?. I needed the round to win the Super Gas championship.

Person I most admire in racing…my father, Jeg Coughlin Sr.

If I wasn’t a drag racer, I would…still work at Jeg’s

I knew I’d made it when…when, when, when?

Lifelong heroes…my dad, my family, and Don Prudhomme

Favorite movie…Shrek

Favorite entertainer…Eddie Murphy

Favorite TV shows…NHRA racing

Favorite website…

Favorite sports team…my son Cody’s baseball team

Personal car(s): SUV

Nobody knows I…like to watch Barney with my kids

Modern convenience I can’t live without…Mobile phone

Smartest thing I’ve ever done…listen to my parent’s advice

Dumbest thing I’ve ever done…getting caught “turfing” a lawn in my car while I was in High School.

Best time of my life…my wedding and when my kids were born

Worst time of my life…none yet (thankfully)

Best advice I’ve ever received…From Jeggie “There is no difference between a practice tree and being in your car”. From Jim Harrington “Never underestimate your opponent and never overestimate yourself.”

Worst advice I’ve ever received…

Advice to aspiring racers: Be confident, be safe, and maintain your car properly

Future racing goals: to be an NHRA national champion


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