Two-time NHRA POWERade Pro Stock champion Jeg Coughlin spent Wednesday afternoon shooting an education piece on friction. There will be a total of 86-episodes that are being produced for McGraw-Hill. The episodes are being produced by the Horizons Companies ( and will air in Jr. High and High Schools throughout the nation.

In this video, students will learn about friction as it pertains to the sport of drag racing. Successful drag racers know that acceleration, not speed, is what wins races. They also know that Newton’s Second Law of Motion (F=ma) is the governing principle of drag racing. And when the green light goes on, the force from the engine must be transferred to the drive wheels – and the friction between those wheels and the pavement are key to the car’s ability to accelerate. In this video, viewers will meet a champion drag racer, watch racing action up close, and learn the role of friction in racing, and how winning race teams work to maximize the coefficient of friction throughout the quarter-mile run.

“I’m not much of a science guy,” explained Coughlin. “However, it was fun to use racing examples and video illustrations to explain the concepts. I know if I saw a race car in a video during a class in middle school or high school I would have paid attention.”

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