Date of birth…January 23, 1966

Place of birth…Columbus, Ohio

Hometown…Delaware, Ohio

Family…Kriss (wife), sons – Jack & Clayton

Years in the sport…19

Nickname…“The C”

Career highlight…Winning the U.S. Nationals twice

Occupation…Team driver, Jeg’s Mail Order

Hobbies…water skiing, bowling, working on classic cars, car audio

I got my start in racing…with my father and family, and have done it all my life.

What I love most about racing…the people, the fans, and the competitiveness

Most embarrassing moment at the races…I wasn’t paying attention and ran my Pro Stock Truck into a golf cart in the staging lanes.

Toughest thing about drag racing…understanding how, some days, you can do no wrong, and the next, you try your best and still come up short.

The best race car I ever had…my 1988 Jegster Super Gas Corvette

My toughest loss…the Super Gas final of the 2003 Chicago race

Favorite opponent…Don’t have one. I like all of them.

Last person I’d want to race in a final…anyone in my family. They are as tough as they get.

The race I’ll never forget is…My first NHRA professional win in Pro Stock Truck in Englishtown

Person I most admire in racing…NHRA founder Wally Parks, for his dedication to the sport

If I wasn’t a drag racer, I would…do something in the music industry, or become a classic car dealer

I knew I’d made it when…I will have made it when I win a “Wally” in Super Gas or the Lucas Oil championship

Lifelong heroes…My father, Jeg Coughlin Sr., and my grandfather, Ed Coughlin

I’m really good at…fixing things that are not supposed to be repairable

Favorite movie…Caddyshack, My Fellow Americans, Smokey and the Bandit

Favorite entertainer…Paul McCartney

Favorite actor…Jack Nicholson

Favorite CD…Van Halen 5150

Favorite TV shows…VH1 Music and Monster Garage

Favorite website:

Favorite foods…Italian, Italian, and Italian!

Favorite sports team…Ohio State Buckeyes

Pet peeves…people who call, but don’t leave a message

Personal car(s)…2000 Lingenfelter Corvette convertible

Biggest regret…not attending college

Nobody knows I…love to cook

I wish I could stop…world fighting

I’d give anything to have met…Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Modern convenience I can’t live without…voicemail and cell phone

I’m better than anyone at…procrastination, but I’m getting better

I hope I never…lose my ability to drive

I’ve never been able to…play a guitar, but I’m learning

Smartest thing I’ve ever done…listen to my father’s advice

Dumbest thing I’ve ever done…not pay attention

Best time of my life…right now, with my wife and kids

Worst time of my life…I’ve been really fortunate, and haven’t had a low point

Best advice I’ve ever received…the only bad decision you can make is to not make one at all.

Worst advice I’ve ever received…don’t worry about the little things, the big things will make up for it.

Advice to aspiring racers…be prepared, keep trying, stay focused and the wins will come.

Future racing goals…to win a Lucas Oil Series championship in Super Comp or Super Gas.

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