Team JEGS chef Nicky Morse is already famous on the NHRA Full Throttle drag racing tour. Now the popular “Racing Chef” is getting publicity in Italy, the birthplace of his ancestors.

In a recent article published and circulated in Italy, Morse is the subject of a featury story about his cooking abilities and his unique life on the road, taking care of his teammates at Victor Cagnazzi Racing all across the United States. He even shares a recipe for Indoor Barbeque Ribs, all in Italian.

“My grandparents would be so proud,” Morse said. “Who knows, maybe there are some relatives of mine over there that will read this and figure out we’re from the same family.

“It’s really neat because my grandma was the one that instilled my love of cooking and food. I spent my youth in the kitchen and family gatherings were always around the dinner table. We’ve always enjoyed food and the experience of sharing it with loved ones and naturally we leaned towards the Italian style of preparing food. I’m honored that they thought of me for this story.”

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