Well if you thought Denso Pro Street couldn’t get any tougher, it just did. Troy Coughlin has announced that he has taken delivery of a Jerry Hass built Chevy Cavalier to campaign exclusively in NMCA Denso Pro Street beginning with the 4th Annual Lunati NMCA Hot Rod and Muscle Car Nationals at Bowling Green. The car will carry the familiar yellow and black JEG’S Mail Order paint scheme and will be powered by a Sonny Leonard built naturally-aspirated mountain motor, which would normally see duty in IHRA Pro Stock competition. Coughlin, 40, who has raced just about everything with wheels on it except for Pro Street, said his motivation to run in NMCA competition was simple.

“It looks like the competition is going to be tuff,” Troy said after taking a breather at the recent NMCA event in Bradenton. “I came here (Bradenton) to see what this was all about. I was not only impressed with the level of competition this series has. There’s plenty of racing, and the NMCA is a top-notch, professional operated organization, but when it comes down to it, it’s a very laid back atmosphere. That means I’ll be able to share the racing experience with my family who I plan to bring along to these events. I think I’ll enjoy this a great deal and I’m looking forward to my first event,” he said.

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