DELAWARE, Ohio (Feb. 18) — With just one month separating him from the start of the 2007 AMS Pro Mod Challenge series, veteran racer Troy Coughlin of Delaware, Ohio, is anxious to get his new, turbo-charged Pontiac GTO Pro Mod ready for competition. The solution is simple — head south to sunny Florida for some hard-core testing.

“It’s getting exciting around here,” the 42-year-old Coughlin said. “The season will be here before you know it and we’re all anxious to get this car on the racetrack and make some passes. Plus, with as much snow as we’ve had in Ohio, I think the crew is exciting just to be heading south. We all need a few days in Florida to thaw out.”

Coughlin and crew have plans to test at Gainesville Raceway in Ganiesville, Fla. The current schedule calls for at least two days of testing, but that could change if additional runs are deemed necessary.

“The car is basically brand new,” Coughlin said. “We’ve only made three launches with it and the chassis has been redone since then so we’re starting over for the most part. The two main goals we have are to find a happy place with the electronic fuel injection and get the chassis set up the way we like it. We need to find a place where the engine isn’t too rich or too lean and we need the car to go straight every time I dump the clutch.

“We’re also anticipating other things to crop up. The idea is to run this thing until we’ve figured out and fixed all the little trouble spots. The season starts soon and with only 10 races on the schedule, there really isn’t much room for error right from the start.

“Our Pontiac GTO is ready to go. Once we have a workable race set-up, I really believe we’ll have a chance to contend for every race win.”

Coughlin is scheduled to test Monday and Tuesday.

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