Whit Bazemore’s recent pair of wins on tour not only moved him into first place, but they’ve translated to dollars for the “Racing for Cancer Research” efforts of the Jeg’s Foundation.

“Seeing Whit Bazemore and his team win and knowing the commitment they have made to raising funds for cancer research makes each of their wins more exciting,” said Jeg Coughlin Jr. “The partnership they have formed says a lot about their organization.”

Bazemore, along with his wife Michelle, his crew chief Lee Beard and his wife Rhonda, as well as team owners Don and Sarah Schumacher, made a commitment earlier in the year to donate money to “Racing for Cancer Research” each time they win an NHRA national event. Sarah Schumacher is a cancer survivor, so the cause strikes a special chord with the entire team.

“In Chicago we presented the Jeg’s Foundation a check for $2,000 for the first time,” Bazemore said. “We have now scored our second win of the season and we’re excited to write out another $2,000 check. Additionally, we have encouraged some other people to do the same. My good friend Rick Peters from California, and his family, are contributing money as well every time we win, as are some others. It’s exciting.

“The reason I got involved with the Jeg’s Foundation is because the Coughlin family, due to their business success, are able to take 100 percent of the money raised and contribute it directly to the charities. There’s no overhead to run their foundation. It’s something I’m proud to support and I’m glad my friends and some people on the team, and others, have been inspired to contribute as well.”


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